CRLS Remembers: Richelle Robinson (2002-2018)

William Reed, Contributing Writer

Ms. Divelbliss, CRLS dance teacher: “Even as a 9th grader, Richelle was a big part of the dance program. She was a wonderful dancer and had a joyful spirit. We will miss her tremendously.”


Dominic Pierre (Class of 2019): “Richelle was a ball of light, and she only brought love and happiness to the people around her.”


Casey Torres (Class of 2019): “Richelle all by herself was a ball of light and had such purity that you felt it anytime you were around her. All the people who knew her and were friends with her knew how much positivity and humor was in that girl. Five minutes, and Richelle could change your whole mood, because she was just that much of a funny and loving person. Her intentions were always so good and straight from the heart. She was a quiet soul, but comfortable—a great spirit to be around. She was always showing me love every time we saw each other. Her contagious laugh will be with me forever.”


Emma Beaumont-Smith (Class of 2019): “Richelle was a really supportive member and friend of the dance program. In rehearsals, she always was telling people how well they were doing. She always had something nice to say about everyone else.”


Skiye Miller (Class of 2018): “Richelle’s personality, her smile, her strength, her spirit, and her heart showed the beautiful person she was. She had so so much potential. Richelle was just a good person … you ever met someone and just like them because they mean well and have good intentions? That’s Richelle. What she meant to me is the goodness in her spirit and the bright personality and smile she showed to everyone. She will always have a place in my heart, and she will never be forgotten. Never.”


Ih’san Ellis ’21: “I first met Richelle in middle school. We were never really close but, I know that to people she was close with, she was always making them laugh and smile in all situations.”

This piece also appears in our September 2018 print edition.