Editorial Apology: Articles Officially Retracted

Marshall Rodes, Contributing Writer

The current administration has uncovered errors made by the sacked editors-in-chief, Azusa Lippit and Esther Cull-Kahn. As such, we must earnestly ask for the forgiveness of our readers.

The investigation has revealed that due to a lack of organization, the Register Forum printed these articles, written by Marshall Rodes, a self-styled “literary documentarian of middle America as it stands today.” We wish to retract the following articles as the author is not, and has never been, affiliated with the Register Forum.

  • Catching Frogs in the Outlands: An Exploration of Flyover America
  • Too Many Frogs: Murder and Mercy in Modern America
  • Escaping Police on a Frog Raft: The Urban Huckleberry Finn Story
  • Lie and Croak: Communicating with Frogs to Communicate with Modern America
  • Greenbacks and the Swamp: Fighting Corruption in the Tammany of Today

The lack of awareness of the editorial staff was almost comical given the similar themes in all of the writings. However, it is not a joke. Rather, it is a sign of a larger slide in quality of the RF. We must stress again that the obvious oversights by the previous editors led to them being tossed onto the streets of Poughkeepsie.

This piece also appears in our May 2022 print edition.