CRLS Responds: How did you spend your winter break?

Courtesy of Gonzalo Anyosa-Galvez

CRLS Responds: “How did you spend your winter break?”

Esme Flandro ’23

I got to go [visit] my grandparents after lots of testing and quarantining … We were super cautious about it and everything.

Seamus McGlennon ’21

Cidra Fraley ’23

I spent my winter break drawing and playing video games for the most part. I spent Christmas with my mom, dad, and sister where we opened gifts from each other and family. There was one time where I dropped off small gifts on the porches of four of my friends' homes. That's all really.

Daniel Panariti ’21

Martin Armstrong ’23

I mostly read, watched Doctor Who, and worked on knitting a sweater. Nothing too interesting.

Sonya Panariti ’21

Mariela Abramson ’23

Over the break I spent time drawing, doing calligraphy, and learning how to crochet. I also spent time with my sister who was home from college.

Gonzalo Anyosa-Galvez ’21

Sachiko Kirby ’22

Over break, I spent a lot of time with my siblings. Together we decorated our Christmas tree, made cookies, and watched tons of movies. I also took the time to read some books and played with my dogs in the snow. Additionally, my family and I drove to New York and safely met up with my grandma. We drove through Manhattan and were able to view the classic winter in New York from the backseat of my gr...

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