The Student Newspaper of Cambridge Rindge and Latin

Katie Green

Ode to my Creativity

You frustrate me endlessly,

You know that?

When I need you,

You vanish;

The fountain runs dry

And I’m left lost

Without ideas—

Staring at a blank page

Wishing for something,

Anything to get me going—

And you’re nowhere to be found. 


You pop up

At the most inopportune times

Gifting me with ideas

That demand to be written down

At 3am

So I scribble at night

By the familiar light of one lamp

Hoping that the idea is as good as it seems now

When I wake up in the morning.


I have found ways to draw you out

You never can resist an interesting prompt

Or an old story that needs continuation

You come out of your cave

And I seize you tight

You are the only thing that lets me write


There are magical moments

When I sit down at my computer

A blank page before me

And you’re ready and waiting for me

As I begin to type,

You flow through me

And onto the page

In the form of words

When you cooperate,

We can create beautiful things


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