How CRLS Is Staying Active at Home and How You Can Be Too

Josie O'Toole, Contributing Writer

Spring sports have been canceled, and so staying active without team sports in session is something every student athlete is struggling with during the coronavirus pandemic. Some people only like to run with friends, others only like to run alone, and many people don’t like running at all. As we all try our best to keep our germs from spreading, finding the energy and incentive to exercise will only get harder, but CRLS is finding a way—and so can you.

Despite social distancing policies, many sports teams are finding ways to stay fit and connected at home through Zoom video calls. One of CRLS’ Modern Dance Company’s student leaders, Bevin O’Toole ’21, told the Register Forum, “I run conditioning workouts every Sunday on Zoom with my company.” They advertise through Instagram and get roughly 24 dancers online each time. The CRLS girls soccer team is currently holding weekly Zoom sessions of hour-long bodyweight training. Tenley Ransom ’21, the varsity team’s manager, described, “The soccer Zoom sessions help keep me active. It is a fun opportunity for me to work out with my friends even though I can’t physically be with them.” The Athletics Department is also working to send out videos for different sports with drills and fitness tips.

Without equipment, the best way to exercise at home is by using bodyweight, similar to yoga. Alex Engelman, a senior at CRLS who does not participate in school sports, has some great methods for everyone and anyone:

  • Upper body pushing exercises: pushups can be modified for any strength level
  • Upper body pulling exercises: inverted rows under a table (optional) with a backpack 
  • Lower body: bodyweight squats; lunges; step-ups

Remember: exercises can always be made harder by [increasing the] tempo,” Engelman explained. “A loaded backpack—I’ve got mine over 100lbs—or simply doing more reps. For building muscle, it actually isn’t that big a deal how many reps you do in a set, as long as you get close to failure … maybe try to keep it between five and 30 [reps].”

Engelman said that, most importantly, “Exercise is not just for athletes. Building muscle and increasing cardiovascular fitness offers profound benefits to anyone who takes the time. And, nowadays, you have the time.”

As for workouts outside, biking, walking, and running can all be done safely, as long as you keep at least six-foot distance from others to prevent germs from spreading. Get fresh air and sun, try bodyweight strengthening at home, or hold a minute plank every day—your quarantine will feel less timeless and depressing, and you’ll feel strong and alive.